Dark Chocolate Dates Tray in ‘The 100%’

One day preparation time is required. Delivery will be on the next day.
A large amount of decadent dark chocolate covered dates in a beautiful handmade ceramic stand which has been sourced directly from the artisans in Fez, Morocco. This arrangement contains only 100% dark chocolate dates and no added sugar at all. All of our dark chocolate dates are vegan, gluten free, and certain types have nuts. Contains:
• 100% Dark Chocolate
• 100% Dark Chocolate Pistachio
• 100% Dark Chocolate Coconut

AED 655.00

200 in stock


Our Dark Chocolate Dates Tray in ‘The 100%’ is presented in a beautiful handmade ceramic stand that has been sourced directly from artisans in Fez, Morocco. Each date is carefully coated with high-quality dark chocolate, ensuring a perfect balance of sweetness and rich chocolate flavor. This tray is perfect for those who prefer the intense flavor of dark chocolate and appreciate the natural sweetness of dates.

  • Assortment of hand-selected dates, coated in 100% dark chocolate.
  • No added sugar, making it a healthier and guilt-free indulgence.
  • Presented in a beautiful handmade ceramic stand sourced directly from artisans in Fez, Morocco.
  • Vegan and gluten-free assortment, perfect for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Includes 100% dark chocolate, 100% dark chocolate pistachio, and 100% dark chocolate coconut.
  • Harmonious blend of textures and flavors, satisfying your sweet tooth and leaving you feeling satisfied.
  • Elegant and stylish tray, perfect for gifting or as a centerpiece for your dessert spread.
  • Delivery available across UAE, making it a perfect gift for Ramadan or any occasion.
  • Luxurious and indulgent treat for those who appreciate the natural sweetness of dates and the intense flavor of dark chocolate.

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