VIP Emirati Collection Chocolates

VIP Emirati Collection Chocolates – Box of 350g (5x70g)
The VIP Box is an elegant, high-quality presentation gift box with your favourite selection of chocolate bars of our entire Emirati collection. Contains:
Aseeda White Chocolate
45% Milk Chocolate with Loqaimat
52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Ragag
62% Dark Chocolate with Halwa
62% Dark Chocolate with Khabeesa

Brand: Mirzam Chocolate Makers

AED 221.00

200 in stock


The VIP Box contains a variety of flavors, including Aseeda White Chocolate, 45% Milk Chocolate with Loqaimat, 52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Ragag, 62% Dark Chocolate with Halwa, and 62% Dark Chocolate with Khabeesa. Each chocolate bar is carefully crafted by Mirzam Chocolate Makers using the finest quality ingredients, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

  • High-quality presentation gift box with a selection of Emirati chocolate bars.
  • Contains Aseeda White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Loqaimat, Dark Milk Chocolate with Ragag, Dark Chocolate with Halwa, and Dark Chocolate with Khabeesa.
  • Perfect for any occasion and as a gift for loved ones.
  • Crafted by Mirzam Chocolate Makers using the finest quality ingredients.
  • Luxurious and indulgent gift for those who appreciate premium chocolate.

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